Functional Module
PTZ Camera
Quick-change Chuck
Lifting Platform
Adhesion Module
Anticollision Handle
Control Module
Drive Module

Multifunction Corrosion Protection Robot

Product Highlights
PTZ Camera
Remote Wireless Control
Modular Design
Anticollision Design
Quick-change Mechanism
Adjustable Working Height
Adjustable Working Width
The main parameters

●Size(mm): 1000*760*720;

●Weight: 85kg; Load: 150kg;

●Moving Speed: 0-25m/min;

●Max Cleaning Efficiency: 300㎡/h;

●Airless Painting Efficiency with Double Spray Guns: 900㎡/h;

●Explosion-proof Design Available;

●Control Mode: Remote Wireless;

●Video Surveillance: PTZ Camera.

Application Scenario

Multifunction Corrosion Protection Robot is capable of dedusting, cleaning, roughening and painting on storage tank, ship or other large facilities by mounting different front-end units. Employing two spray guns with recycling function, this robot can significantly improve the derusting efficiency.

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