Small Multifunctional Robot
Control Module
Adsorption&Drive Module

Small Multifunctional Robot

Product Highlights
Grinding operation
Inspection assignment
Painting work
quick-changing mechanism
IP65 protection level
Curvature radius
Oil contamination cleaning
The main parameters

● Size (mm): 550 * 510 * 400;

● Weight: 40kg; Load: 40kg;

● Movement speed: 0-18m/min;

● Curvature radius: ≥ 0.6m

Application Scenario

  Suitable for scenarios such as small volume vertical storage tanks and long oil and gas pipelines, the robot chassis has an adaptive structure that can stably adsorb, walk, and turn on the surface of small curvature metal structures; The front end of the robot can be equipped with various operation modules such as polishing, painting, and testing, and can be quickly replaced, making it versatile.

Small Multifunctional Robot

Small Multifunctional Robot

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