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Components and application prospects of inspection robots

Time:2022-11-09 08:11:06 IN:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's large-scale industries, the demand for special inspection robots such as tank inspection, rust removal, and non-destructive inspection is also increasing. In response to this situation, Bihebifang has developed a permanent magnet adsorption ultrasonic testing robot, which can perform ultrasonic testing on tanks and wind power towers, detect wall thickness and corrosion, and can also perform oil cleaning operations. Next, I will introduce the components and application prospects of the detection robot.

Components of the inspection robot

1. Robot body

The robot body consists of a permanent magnetic adsorption module, a gimbal module, an actuator module, a drive module, a control box module and a robot frame module. This part plays an important role in the detection process, and the main monitoring operation is carried out by the robot body .

2. Flaw detection system

The flaw detection system has the function of ultrasonic detection, and can perform ultrasonic detection, tank flaw detection and crack detection on the wall thickness of the tank to be tested.

3. Software control system

The software control system is a system that controls the inspection robot to perform inspection and cleaning operations. It can detect the entire movement of the robot and the engineering process in real time. The operation process can meet the predetermined requirements.

4. Operation console

The operation console is the part that directs and controls the robot to perform detection and cleaning operations on the tank body and the wind power tower. The video image inside the pipeline is synchronously transmitted back to the operation console in real time through the cable.
Wind Power Facility Cleaning and Testing Robot

The application prospect of detection robot

At present in our country, the flaw detection and cleaning of large pressure vessels are mostly performed manually, which will produce a variety of harmful gas pollution at the detection site, and the working environment is relatively difficult. The emergence of detection robots has filled the gap between the wall thickness and weld seam of large pressure vessels. Blank for non-destructive, robotic inspection.

In addition, according to relevant statistics, the demand for inspection of large pressure vessels is increasing rapidly every year, and there is an urgent need to improve the level of automation and intelligent inspection of nondestructive inspection of large pressure vessels. Therefore, replacing labor with machines is the development trend. The permanent magnet adsorption ultrasonic testing robot produced by Bihebifang solves the problem of welding seam forming quality inspection and control, and improves the efficiency by more than 4 times compared with manual operation. The application prospect is broad.

About the components and application prospects of the detection robot, the above is the relevant introduction. If you have relevant needs, welcome to inquire at any time.

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