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Ship Industry

Time:2022-12-28 14:12:31 In:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

In recent years, my country's shipbuilding industry has developed vigorously. Since the ship needs to sail in the ocean environment for a long time, problems such as structural corrosion and marine organism adhesion are prone to occur, which will affect the structural strength and operational safety of the ship in severe cases. Operation. At present, related operations are generally carried out manually at home and abroad, which not only has high labor intensity, poor working environment, low maintenance efficiency, high economic cost, but also causes huge damage to the environment, and is often accompanied by safety accidents.

Aiming at this application scenario, Bingoo Robot has developed a variety of wall-climbing robots suitable for the ship industry, striving to achieve from the outer plate of the hull to the interior of the cabin, from the facade of the hull to the reverse bottom of the hull, from anti-corrosion operations to sea creatures removal operations , fully realize robot automation operations, reduce safety risks and improve operation efficiency.

Multifunction corrosion protection robot

It is suitable for derusting, painting and roughening operations on the hull surface.

Derusting robot with swing arm

It is suitable for derusting operations on the surface of the hull, and can be equipped with equipment such as sandblasting, water adding sand, and high-pressure water.

Hydroblasting robot with recovery system

It is suitable for high-pressure water derusting operations on the surface of the hull, and can recycle sewage.

Cargo hold cleaning robot

It is suitable for the surface cleaning operation of the cargo hold of the bulk carrier, and cooperates with the medium pressure water system to realize the comprehensive cleaning of the inner wall of the cargo hold.

Underwater hull cleaning robot

It is suitable for the cleaning of marine organisms on the surface of the hull, and can be equipped with cavitation water jet equipment and mechanical cleaning devices for operations.

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