Functional Module
Surface Roughening Mechanism
Flexible Frontend Unit
Control Module
Lifting Mechanism
Drive Module

Surface Roughening Robot

Product Highlights
Automated Lane Change
Modular Design
Quick-change Mechanism
The main parameters


●Weight of Robot Body:45kg

●Weight of Frontend Unit:25kg

●Moving Speed:0-25m/min

●Working Width:520mm

Application Scenario
  Small in size and light in weight, this robot is applicable to the cleaning and roughening on the outer surface of large metal facilities such as ship and storage tank. Roughening discs made of different materials can be replaced on the frontend unit. With its lifting mechanism to adjust the wall compression force, and its flexible mechanism to adapt to the changes of surface, the performance is guaranteed with roughening strength adjustable as user required. In addition, this robot has functions including automated lane change and route planning, making it even more efficient and intelligent during operation.
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