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Wind Power Industry

Time:2022-12-28 14:12:54 In:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

In recent years, my country's cumulative installed capacity of wind power has continued to grow. According to data from the National Energy Administration, China's cumulative installed capacity of wind power will reach 328.5GW in 2021, accounting for 13.8% of the total installed capacity of domestic power generation, second only to hydropower and thermal power, and accounting for the world's total installed capacity. 40.40% of capacity. Since wind turbines are mostly located in areas with harsh environments such as Gobi, mountainous areas, and coastlines, they are prone to corrosion, which in turn affects the structural strength and safe operation of wind turbines. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect and repair the wind turbine towers for anti-corrosion Operation. At present, manual work is generally used in China. Due to the height of the wind power tower of nearly 100 meters and the limitation of the internal space of the tower, the maintenance equipment and raw materials that can be carried are limited, resulting in low operating efficiency, long construction period, high cost, and The safety of workers cannot be guaranteed.

Wind power tower is a tapered structure with variable curvature. How to realize the smooth walking and turning of the robot on the surface of this structure has always been a difficult problem to break through. For this structure, Bihebifang designed and developed a chassis with a curved surface adaptive structure. The wheel angle of the robot can be changed according to the curvature of the wind power tower, realizing the stable adsorption and flexible walking of the robot on the surface of the wind power tower.

Applicable Model

Wind power facility cleaning and testing robot:It is suitable for oil cleaning and weld inspection on the surface of wind power towers.
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