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Thermal Power Industry

Time:2022-12-28 14:12:26 In:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

Our country's thermal power industry started early, the technology is relatively mature, and coal resources for power generation are abundant, occupying the leading market in the field of power generation. The installed capacity of thermal power plants in China accounts for 58% of the total installed capacity of electric power. It is the pillar of my country's power supply and is of great significance to ensure the safe supply of electric energy. The ash silo is an important supporting facility for boilers. Under the industrial background of blending economic coal, the frequency of problems such as wall sticking, hardening, and bridging in the ash silo has increased significantly, seriously affecting the safe and economical operation of the unit. At present, manual cleaning is mainly used for warehousing, which is inefficient. In addition, there are hazards such as hypoxia and suffocation, material collapse and submersion, and falling from heights when personnel work in the ash warehouse, which is prone to personal injury accidents and poses a great safety hazard.

Due to the inherent characteristics of the inner diameter of the ash silo, the cleaning force, the position and size of the robot’s delivery port, and the targeting of the operation, it is difficult for the existing design schemes to generate sufficient cleaning force. The goal is to innovate the structure of the ash silo. The structure of the telescopic mechanical arm with super large stroke is designed in a revolutionary way, and the cleaning mechanism at the front end is used to realize the mechanized cleaning of the ash warehouse.

Applicable Model

Ash silo cleaning robot:Relying on the telescopic mechanical arm with a large stroke to carry the cleaning mechanism, and at the same time cooperate with the rotary mechanism to realize all-round cleaning of the inner wall of the ash store.

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