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Petrochemical Industry

Time:2022-12-28 14:12:06 In:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

Storage tanks are essential equipment for refining and chemical enterprises, used to store gaseous and liquid chemical raw materials and products. The medium stored in the storage tank is usually corrosive, and it is exposed to the air for many years, and its inner and outer surfaces are prone to rust. According to international statistics, the loss due to corrosion accounts for 1-5% of the total GDP of each country, of which about 25% can be resolved through effective anti-corrosion measures. At present, artificial derusting and anticorrosion technology is widely used at home and abroad, which not only has a large workload, long working cycle, harsh working environment, and huge economic investment, but also poses a huge threat to the health of construction workers and the surrounding environment, so that it is now "unavailable". situation.

The petrochemical industry is an industry that Bihebifang has been involved in earlier and continued to participate in. From the early mechanical arm rust removal robot to the multifunctional anti-corrosion robot successfully applied on a large scale, it gradually expanded to floating roof painting and floating rust grinding. Hehebifang has formed a complete set of petrochemical industry solutions integrating rust removal, painting, roughening, grinding and testing.The company's storage tank derusting robot has been tested in Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., and has been recognized by customers. Jointly build a test base with Sinochem, provide transformation channels for the specific application of robots in the overall extreme operating environment, and carry out comprehensive promotion and application. At the same time, it is also conducting multi-angle and all-round cooperation and negotiation work with central enterprises such as PetroChina and Sinopec.

Applicable Models

Multifunction corrosion protection robot

It is suitable for large-scale derusting, painting and roughening operations on the surface of the tank;

Derusting robot with swing arm

It is suitable for rust removal on the surface of the tank, and can be equipped with equipment such as sandblasting, water adding sand, and high-pressure water;

Hydroblasting robot with recovery system

It is suitable for high-pressure water derusting operations on the surface of tanks, and can recycle sewage;

Floating roof tank painting robot

It is suitable for the painting operation on the reverse side of the floating roof of the floating roof tank;

Spray drying tower cleaning robot

It is suitable for cleaning the impurities and agglomerates on the inner wall of the tank.

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