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Nuclear Power Industry

Time:2022-12-28 14:12:21 In:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

As a safe, clean and efficient energy source, nuclear power is an important branch of my country's energy supply system. Due to the existence of nuclear radiation, the nuclear power industry has become one of the industries most in need of robots for operations. As early as the 1940s, foreign countries started research on robotics in a nuclear environment, while China started relatively late in this area. In the past, due to the small scale of nuclear power and the small scale of the industry, related products mainly relied on imports. With the successive construction of nuclear power plants in my country, the domestic nuclear power industry has an urgent demand for domestic robots with independent intellectual property rights.、

As a long-term partner of China National Nuclear Corporation and China General Nuclear Power Corporation, Bingoo Robot has successfully developed a variety of robot products used in different scenarios of the nuclear power industry, such as multi-functional underwater crawling robots for nuclear power plant reactors, nuclear radiation monitoring robots, etc. At present, Bihebifang mainly focuses on the internal operations of nuclear radiation tanks, such as rust removal and inspection.

Applicable Models

Derusting robot with swing arm:It is suitable for the high-pressure water derusting operation of the inner wall of the nuclear radiation tank;

Tank detection robot:It is suitable for the ultrasonic inspection of the wall thickness of the inner wall of the nuclear irradiation tank. It has a positioning function, can associate the location of the equipment with the inspection data, and synchronize it to the management software for visual display.

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