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Time:2022-12-28 14:12:16 In:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

Fast-moving consumer goods, such as food and beverages, daily chemical products, tobacco and wine, etc., are the largest consumption items of residents and play an important role in residents' consumption. During the production process and raw material storage process of some fast-moving consumer goods, due to the limitation of the production process and storage conditions, materials often agglomerate and need to be cleaned manually. Different from other industries, the tanks in the FMCG industry are generally small-diameter, high-height vertical storage tanks. The interior is very empty, and it is impossible to use mechanized equipment for operations. It can only rely on the traditional "spiderman" operation method. Personnel are suspended from high places for work, and they need to face the dual risks of high-altitude work and top agglomeration falling.

Based on the permanent magnet adsorption technology, combined with the internal cleaning requirements of the powder spraying tower of the washing powder production line of a leading company in the fast-moving consumer industry, Bingoo Robot developed a shovel tower robot suitable for cleaning the inner wall of the tank, and successfully applied it. In the future Based on this, it will gradually expand to other application scenarios in the FMCG industry.

Applicable Model

Spray drying tower cleaning robot:It is suitable for the cleaning of impurities and agglomerates on the inner wall of the tank, such as powder spraying towers, steel silos, etc.

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