Functional Module
PTZ Camera
Quick-change Chuck
Anticollision Handle
Control Module
Drive Module

Tank internal corrosion Protection Robot

Product Highlights
Functional on Reverse Surface
Modular Design
Radiation-proof Design
Electrical explosion design
Rust Removal
The main parameters

●Size(mm): 1126*500*560;

●Weight: 85kg; Load: 150kg;

●Moving Speed: 0-8m/min;

Working Width:800mm

Application Scenario

  The inner wall removal and spray paint operation of large facilities such as petrochemical tanks and nuclear waste storage tanks such as petrochemical tanks and nuclear waste liquid storage tanks. The robot has obtained explosion -proof certificates and can enter the internal safety operation of the tank through a diameter of 600mm. The robot is equipped with three degrees of freedom The robotic arm can be equipped with the front end of an ultra -high -pressure rotation head, environmentally friendly sandblast head to complete the rust removal work; it can be equipped with a fast -loaded skateting module to complete the duplex spraying operation.

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