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The working principle and basic structure of the wall-climbing robot

Time:2022-10-28 17:10:04 IN:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

We sometimes see something the size of a square box hanging on the wall of a building. Many people don't know what it is? What are they used for? In fact, this is a wall-climbing robot. The wall-climbing robot is adsorbed on the wall to work. It can be cleaned by wind power, and the detection robot can effectively replace manual work at heights. What is the working principle and basic structure of the wall-climbing robot?

The working principle of the wall-climbing robot

1. Wall adsorption

The essence of the wall-climbing robot is to generate a positive pressure on the wall through the adsorption force generated by the permanent magnet or the electromagnet relative to the magnetic wall surface material. At the same time, the negative pressure generator is equipped with multiple single suction cups, and the suction cup is realized by exhausting When the exhaust air volume is greater than the air intake volume, a negative pressure will be formed, and the resulting air pressure difference will push the robot to the wall. To make it fully adsorbed, a good elastic material is needed as a seal Guarantee of durability, but also equipped with wear-resistant device, so that it can be adsorbed on the wall.

2. Creeping operation

There are two sets of wheels on the bottom of the wall-climbing robot, which can be used to move and turn. When turning, it changes direction by adjusting the rotational speed of the two sets of wheels. In the process of climbing up, if you need to turn left to change your direction, let the right set of wheels rotate faster, and the left set of wheels slow down relatively, so that it is easy to change the direction.

3. Assembly tools

The wall-climbing robot needs to be equipped with different working platforms according to different needs when working, and the working device that can meet the functions of robot painting, rust removal, magnetic detection, etc., and can meet the operating requirements in various environmental conditions  climbing robot

The basic structure of the wall-climbing robot

1. Four-bar mechanism

The four-bar mechanism is the basic structure to realize the movement of the wall-climbing robot. The robot partially drives the rotating arm of the robot through the rotation of the four-bar mechanism, so that the rotating arm can realize various motion states.

2. Driving mechanism

The main driving force to move forward. The drive mechanism is the key to the movement of the whole machine, through which it supplies the corresponding energy for the movement of the track, the boom and the hydraulic pressure. Make it carry out energy transmission, so that each part can move smoothly.

3. Connection mechanism

The main mechanism to protect the internal parts of the machine. The connection of the robot shell makes the robot body integrated, and at the same time, it is easy to disassemble, which ensures the effective protection and maintenance of the robot's internal mechanism.

4. Electromagnetic control device

The electromagnetic control device can make the switching between robot walking and stopping more flexible. Turn faster, and the left set of wheels slows down relatively, making it easier to change direction.

The above is the introduction of the working principle of the wall-climbing robot. Bihebifang Robot Co., Ltd. produces wall-climbing robots for different purposes. The company has mastered the most advanced wall-climbing technology, professionally assists extreme high-risk operations, and has a curved surface adaptive structure. If you have this Welcome to call or leave us a message for product demand!

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