Functional Module
Control Module
PTZ Camera
Driven Module
Cleaning Module
Integrated Adhesion & Drive Module

Spray Drying Tower Cleaning Robot

Product Highlights
PTZ Camera

Adjustable Working Height

Quick-change Mechanism
Modular Design
The main parameters

●Size(mm) : 1100*750*440; 


●Cleaning Breadth: 75cm Max Cleaning Efficiency: 180㎡/h; 

●Moving Speed:0-4m/min; 

●Control Mode: Remote Wireless Control。

Application Scenario

  This robot can remove the caking and solid impurities from the interior surface of washing powder spray tower, storage tank of MFCG raw materials and other structures. A shovel mechanism with adjustable height is employed as the cleaning unit to facilitate obstacle crossing and transition between different surfaces. The maximum cleaning efficiency is 180m2/h

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