Functional Module
Control Module
Anticollision Handle
Integrated Adhesion & Drive Module
Hydroblasting & Recovery Disk

Hydroblasting Robot with Recovery System

Product Highlights
Anticollision Design
Modular Design
Automate Lane Change
The main parameters

●Size(mm) :900*1200*450; 

●Weight:85.5kg;Load: 150kg; 

●Blasting Breadth: 340mm; 

●Max Derusting Efficiency: 62㎡/h;

●Max Water Pressure: 280kg; 

●Moving Speed:0-5m/min ;

●Control Mode: Remote Wireless Control .

Application Scenario

This robot is applicable to hydroblasting on large flat and bottom surfaces of ship in an environmentally-friendly way with wastewater recovery function available equipped with a vacuum unit. Intelligent functions including automate forward/backward movement and lane change make it even more convenient for the staff to handle on site.

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