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What are the advantages of corrosion protection robots?

Time:2022-11-09 09:11:35 IN:BingooRobot Co., Ltd
With the continuous development of science and technology, the relationship between robots and human production and life is becoming increasingly close. For example, many jobs with complex operating conditions, difficult work or high risk factors have been replaced by robots. For those friends who are engaged in petrochemical storage tank maintenance or ship maintenance and other related work, most of them have heard of or used corrosion protection robots. Next, through this article, I will introduce the advantages of corrosion protection robots. 
  Multifunction Corrosion Protection Robot

Advantages of corrosion protection robots

1. Simple and convenient operation

The anti-corrosion robot is a kind of intelligent equipment. Its development and design process is relatively complicated, but after the successful development, it is relatively simple and convenient in the actual operation and use process. Usually, it only needs to start and control the direction. It can be used proficiently after training.

2. Strong adaptability to working conditions

The anti-corrosion robot is a kind of wall-climbing robot, and its basic functions are adsorption and movement. Because of its special adsorption structure design, it can adapt to different working conditions, whether it is a vertical wall, the surface of a large oil storage tank or the surface of a ship, it can be easily handled. Under normal circumstances, corrosion protection robots have three movement modes, namely leg type (suitable for uneven surfaces), wheel type and crawler type (suitable for relatively flat surfaces), and general manufacturers can customize according to customer needs.

3. High work efficiency and safety

When using an anti-corrosion robot for operation, the work efficiency can be better improved, and the work that needs to be completed for a long time can be completed in a short time. The anti-corrosion robot can also reduce the risk factor of personnel to a certain extent, and replace manual labor to perform some high-altitude dangerous maintenance projects.

4. Multiple functions and wide range of applications

The anti-corrosion operation robot can quickly replace different front-end modules through the quick interface to perform rust removal, painting, and roughening operations, realizing one machine with multiple functions. It has a wide range of applications. Generally, the anticorrosion work of large facilities such as petrochemical storage tanks and ship hulls is performed by robots due to the large operating area and cumbersome processing procedures.

5. Cost saving

At present, labor cost is an important part of enterprise expenditure. If the traditional manual processing methods such as rust removal and painting anti-corrosion operations such as large ships are still used, not only the operation time is long and the labor cost is high, but also it will face great high-altitude safety risks. Occupational accidents and other situations will also cause losses to the enterprise. The use of corrosion protection robots can solve this problem very well.

The above are the advantages of the anti-corrosion robot summarized by the editor. I hope this article can give you a deeper understanding of the anti-corrosion robot. If you have other questions or needs, you can leave a message or call us

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