Functional Module
Quick-change Module
Control Module
Cleaning Module
Adsorption & Drive Module

Wind Power Facility Cleaning and Testing Robot

Product Highlights
Surface adaptation
quick-changing mechanism

Modular design

Cloud desktop camera
The main parameters

● Size (mm): 1130 * 890 * 660;

● Weight: 65kg; Load: 40kg;

● Movement speed: 0-15m/min;

● The cleaning width is 400mm;

Application Scenario

  Suitable for cleaning oil stains on the surface of wind turbine towers and conducting weld inspection operations; The robot chassis has a curved adaptive structure that can stably adsorb, walk, and turn on variable curvature surfaces such as wind power towers; The quick replacement of the oil cleaning module and the weld detection module can be achieved through the front-end quick replacement module, reducing preparation time.

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