Testing Robot
Testing Module
Carry Handle
Magnetic Adsorption Module
Wireless Communication
Control Module
Drive Module

Testing Robot

Product Highlights
Modular Design
Function Extension Chuck
Cableless Operation
Functional on Outer Pipe Surface
LED Lighting
The main parameters

●Size(mm) : 500*200*450;

●Weight: 20kg;负载: 5kg;

●Moving Speed:0-19m/min;

●Curvature Radius:>500mm;

Application Scenario
  This robot is applicable to testing operations on large-scale vertical surface, pipeline surface, reverse surface, 90°concave angle and other positions. The size of the robot meets the needs of operations in narrow space and pipeline surface. Its high-definition PTZ camera, which can automatically adjust its pitch angle, effectively expands the testing scope. The robot is also equipped with a function expansion chuck, so that testing modules can be mounted as required to enhance its applicability and satisfy the on-site demands.
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