Functional Module
3DoF Mechanical Arm
Fan-shaped Cleaning Nozzle
Anticollision Handle
Control Module
LED Lighting Module

Cargo Hold Cleaning Robot

Product Highlights
LED Lighting
Magnetic Track
Multifunction Mechanical Arm
PTZ Camera
The main parameters

●Size(mm) : 470*520*250; 

●Weight: 45kg;Load: 50kg; 

●Cleaning Breadth on Flat Surface: 75cm   

Max Cleaning Efficiency: 900㎡/h; 

●400kg Medium Pressure Water Cleaning System Available; 

●Seawater is Usable; 

●Moving Speed:0-20m/min; 

●Control Mode: Remote Wireless Control。

Application Scenario

The cargo hold cleaning robot is specially developed for cargo hold structure with suitable size and lightweight design to move smoothly inside the cargo hold and be carried easily by one single staff. Equipped with a mechanical arm of 3DoF and three groups of cleaning nozzles, it can cover complex structures such as frames and transverse bulkheads.

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