Functional Module
HP Water Cannon
Cannon Bracket
Magnetic Adsorption Module
Control Module
Drive Module

Cargo Hold cleaning Robot

Product Highlights
Modular Design
Adjustable Working Height
Adjustable Working Width
The main parameters

●Size(mm) : 650*450*900; 

●Weight: 65kg;Load: 60kg; 

●Cleaning Breadth on Flat Surface: 75cm   

Max Cleaning Efficiency: 900㎡/h; 

●Moving Speed:0-28m/min; 

●Barrel height: 820mm;

Application Scenario

  The cargo compartment cleaning operation suitable for bulk cargo ships; the robot size meets the traffic needs of the complex structure in the cabin. The robot is equipped with a fire cannon with a horizontal 360 ° rotation and 120 "pitch. The need for cleaning needs, the maximum guessing efficiency can reach 900 square meters/h; the low -pressure water cleaning system with up to 0.8MPa pressure can be used to directly use seawater for large -faced operation, or the pressure water in 40MPa is used for fine cleaning parts that are difficult to clean. Essence

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