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Bihe sings the glory of Bihe - Bingoo's 2nd anniversary celebration ended successfully

Time:2022-12-20 08:12:38 IN:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

Two years of wind and rain

Two years of spring flowers and autumn fruits

Bearing each other and joining each other

Glorious years of practical learning and hard work, continuous pursuit

November 17

Our 2nd birthday

On this day, we witness history together

Explore advantages, build brand and look forward to the future

Continuing to write a new chapter for each other

Time: November 17, 2022

Place: Bihe Bifang Robot (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Break through yourself and build the future together

——Listen to lectures and gain knowledge

The vivid and concise explanation of "Special Robot Overview" empowers the present, breaks through technology, and inspires the future.

The team discussion connects bright ideas one by one, stimulates the motivation to fight hard, and nourishes dreams together.

Do not forget the original intention and work hard to move forward

——Cohesive power
With just a screwdriver, the skillful hands assemble the parts, and the power of women shines.
How can the world be stacked without stacking a cup? The wonderful "cups" come out, show off your talents, and radiate youthful fantasies.
Superb ability, on-site learning skills, dreams and strengths are at your fingertips.
Dare to learn, dare to think, and go forward bravely. Non-technical personnel draw a technological blueprint with a brush to light up the dream of innovation and casting.
You can guess better than me, and you can show team cohesion, work together, and help technology take off。

Take a group photo to check in, and be in the same frame with Bingoo's creativity, recall the imprint of the same journey, and engrave the wonderful moments.

Delicious delicacies to write a new chapter together


In the name of the anniversary, sum up the past, raise a glass together, and look forward to embracing a better future with a new attitude.


Lucky draw to fight European spirit, Ipone14, Huawei watch, bluetooth speaker are elaborately produced, sending warmth in winter, only hard work can live up to youth.

The eventful years you and I share

--Start sailing

The double-layer cake climbs up the stairs, and the names of all members are covered, carrying the outstanding achievements, and engraving the steps and footprints of moving forward. With the joint wish made by the team leader, the sailboat on the cake is like setting sail again, anchoring a new starting point and starting a new journey.

Praise ideals, build dreams and sail away

——Singing for the future

Good songs linger in my ears, and the enthusiasm for forging ahead remains unabated. I share the laughter, joy and growth of the past two years with singing, and add color to the road of development with full love.

Between each other for 2 years

Create many high-quality products

Create countless moving achievements

A single spark can start a prairie fire

2 years of hard work, guarding all the way

Gathering Faith and Consensus

Going forward,

Stick to the original aspiration and aim for a century

It's time to struggle

Let us continue to forge ahead

Good deeds make good achievements

Deep cultivation technology research and development application

Let’s go hand in hand and start again

Opening a new chapter

Don’t ask about the return date, just wait for the future

  —— THE END——
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