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Meet each other and meet you at Dalian International Maritime Exhibition

Time:2022-12-19 17:12:02 IN:BingooRobot Co., Ltd
The 15th China Dalian International Maritime Exhibition will be held on November 9-11, 2022 at Dalian World Expo Plaza. At that time, Bihebifang will bring its self-developed multi-functional anti-corrosion robot, cargo hold cleaning robot, high-pressure water recovery and rust removal robot, and small multi-functional robot to the exhibition. Booth number: 2C09, welcome to visit and negotiate!
As an earlier team engaged in the research and development of facade robots, and also a team that has received national key research and development support, Bihebifang has long been committed to the research of new methods of national special robot operation theory, common key technologies and robotic equipment. The company launched "Machine + The overall solution of "Intelligent System", using robots to replace manpower to complete high-risk environmental operations, improves economic and social benefits, doing what humans cannot, what humans are not good at, what humans are not suitable for, and what humans are unwilling to do.


Multifunction Corrosion Protection Robot

It is suitable for anti-corrosion operations of large-scale facilities such as petrochemical storage tanks and ship hulls. Through the quick interface, different front-end modules can be quickly replaced to achieve rust removal, painting and roughening operations. It can greatly improve the working efficiency, the airless spraying can reach 900 m²/h, the brushing cleaning can reach 300 m²/h, the cumulative operating area can reach 300,000 square meters, and it can carry two recycled sandblasting guns for derusting operations at the same time , explosion-proof customization is also available.

Cargo Hold Cleaning Robot


It is suitable for cleaning operations of bulk carriers. The robot is compact in size and light in weight. It is equipped with a three-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm and two sets of cleaning nozzles, which can meet the cleaning needs of complex structures such as cargo compartment ribs and transverse bulkheads. The cleaning efficiency can reach 900 m²/h, and the optional up to 400kg High-pressure medium-pressure water cleaning system, and can directly use seawater for operation. At present, the real ship experiment has been completed, and the engineering application will be realized by the end of the year.

Hydroblasting Robot with Recovery System


It is suitable for high-pressure water derusting operations on the large plane and bottom of the hull. The applicable high-pressure water pressure is 2800kg, and the derusting efficiency is as high as 62 m²/h. The cleaning plate can be equipped with a vacuum recovery device to recycle the derusting sewage to achieve environmental protection. . The robot can realize automatic forward/backward, and can complete intelligent operations such as automatic lane change, reducing the difficulty of operation for on-site personnel.

Small multifunctional robot

Suitable for scenarios such as long-distance oil and gas pipelines, small-volume vertical storage tanks, etc. The robot chassis has an adaptive structure, which can stably absorb, walk, and turn on the surface of small-curvature metal structures; the front end of the robot can carry various operations such as grinding, painting, and testing Modules can be replaced quickly, one machine with multiple functions.
For more product parameters and information, welcome to our booth (booth number: 2C09) to visit and inquire!
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