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Exhibition Review | Bingoo Dalian International Maritime Exhibition Ended

Time:2022-12-19 17:12:28 IN:BingooRobot Co., Ltd

On November 9-11, 2022, the 15th China Dalian International Maritime Exhibition will be held in Dalian World Expo Plaza.

As an international maritime exhibition event with great influence in Northeast Asia, this exhibition has attracted many upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to participate. At the exhibition, Bihebifang presented a variety of self-developed robot products, which received attention and praise from professionals in the maritime industry at home and abroad.

 Secretary-General of Ship Repairing Branch of China Shipbuilding Industry Association visited Bihebifang booth

Bihebifang's products have great core technical advantages in terms of wall climbing performance, chassis structure, process database, etc., and can achieve efficient and diversified operations. At the exhibition site, the booth of Bihebifang attracted many professionals from top enterprises in the shipbuilding industry to stop and visit, and made detailed inquiries to the on-site staff on the robot's functions, efficiency, and operation details. The on-site staff gave serious and professional explanations, which laid a good foundation for the one-on-one negotiation.

Multifunction Corrosion Protection Robot


It is suitable for anticorrosion work of large facilities such as petrochemical storage tanks and ship hulls.

Cargo Hold Cleaning Robot

Tank cleaning operations.
Hydroblasting Robot with Recovery System

It is suitable for high-pressure water derusting operations on large planes and bottom surfaces of hulls.

【Small multifunctional robot】


It is suitable for scenarios such as long-distance oil and gas pipelines and small-volume vertical storage tanks.

BiHeBiFang became a member unit of the "China Shipbuilding Industry Association" in November this year, and was successfully listed as a member unit of the Ship Repairing Branch, which reflects the high recognition of the Chinese shipbuilding industry for BHBF robots. In the future, Bihebifang will continue to create and upgrade special robot products suitable for the shipbuilding industry according to customer needs, so as to provide greater convenience for the long-term development of the industry.

Appeared in China International Pipeline Conference (Langfang), welcome to visit and negotiate.
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