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Magnetic Adsorption Wall Climbing Robot Solution

Assist customers in extreme high-risk operations
Bingoo Robot has launched a multi-functional anti-corrosion operation robot and a floating roof painting robot, which can realize rust removal, cleaning, painting and other operations, which can greatly improve operation efficiency.
For the needs of ship cleaning and rust removal, our wall-climbing robot can replace manual operations in high-altitude and high-risk environments, and can be equipped with different devices for cleaning, spraying, rust removal and other operations
Bingo Robot's wind power cleaning & inspection robot has a curved surface adaptive structure, which can walk and turn on the surface of the tower.
The ash warehouse cleaning robot can replace the manual work, relying on the telescopic mechanical arm with a large stroke, and cooperates with the rotary mechanism to realize the all-round cleaning of the inner wall of the ash warehouse.
As a long-term partner of CNNC and CGNPC, we have successfully developed a variety of wall-climbing robots for different scenarios in the nuclear power industry, such as nuclear power plant reactor multifunctional underwater crawling robots, etc.
Based on permanent magnetic adsorption technology, combined with the internal cleaning requirements of the powder spraying tower of the laundry powder production line of a leading company in the fast-moving consumer industry.
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BingooRobot(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
BingooRobot Co., Ltd. is a technology company that provides special robots and overall solutions for extreme environment operations. The company adheres to the concept of "cooperating with all parties and surpassing each other", and takes "extending people's capabilities and realizing people's wishes" as their mission. Our extreme environment operation robot system is mainly used in large-scale steel facade structures in petrochemical, shipbuilding, electric power, bridge and tunnel industries, as well as in extreme operating environments such as high-risk and radiation, replacing traditional manual operations for rust removal, painting, and roughening Operation tasks such as cleaning, detection, and removal of marine organisms.
BingooRobot(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
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